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Workout Partners

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Lyndsey’s CrossFit Story

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My CrossFit journey started in January of 2015. Growing up, I played many sports and continued to consider myself a fit and athletic person. Even still, I was terrified my first day of elements. At the beginning, my understanding of CrossFit was based on the CRAZY FIT athletes you see on TV… causing me to seriously doubt my “fit and athletic” abilities. In all honesty, those first couple weeks sucked! I could not do push-ups or pull-ups, a 35 lb. barbell felt like 100 lbs., and my kettlebell swings were a huge struggle! Soon enough, this frustration turned into determination and dedication. I started attending CrossFit classes five to six times per week and soon realized this whole CrossFit thing was actually really fun! I began challenging myself daily – adding a little more weight each time I would lift. I would spend a little extra time working on weaknesses (ALL THINGS GYMNASTICS), and over time I saw results. These results were not immediate or easy. It took me a little over a year to do a pull-up, YES A WHOLE YEAR FOR A SINGLE PULL-UP! That feeling of accomplishing my goal was empowering and exciting and left me wanting more. I started setting new goals and continue to do so today!

The community at CrossFit Hud has been a HUGE factor in my progress and fitness journey. The members at CrossFit Hud have gone from complete strangers to family. This community is very positive and encouraging, making classes even more enjoyable! The coaches? I could not say anything but wonderful things about all of them! They are knowledgeable, supportive, and continue to motivate me to strive for new goals! The coaches constantly provide individualized modifications for movements and workouts to prevent injury and cater to each member’s individual needs. They definitely go above and beyond! I am just starting my third year of CrossFit and cannot believe all the accomplishments made in a short amount of time. I have overcome fears and hit more PR’s than I can count. Three short years ago 135 lb. back squat felt like I was lifting a house… Now a reasonable goal to reach is 250 lbs. by the end of the year. Three years ago I could not do a single pull-up… Now I have completed workouts with 100 pull-ups and even chest to bar pull-ups! I have challenged myself by competing in inner gym competitions and overcome my fear of handstands! On a good day, I can even rep out a few good handstand push-ups. A friend once told me “fitness is a journey, not a destination” and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me in 2017!


You have 2 Options.
1. Free to participate SIGN UP HERE
2. OR Option 1 + pay $20 and sign up at, and choose CrossFit Hud as your Affiliate. (if you’d like to see how you rank against people outside our gym)


*Thursday, February 14th @ 11:59 pm is the cutoff date for submitting your t-shirt or tank request. Tank Top & T-shirt FORM HERE

As you’ve heard us already say, the CrossFit Open is a great opportunity to not only test ourselves and all the hard work we’ve done but also to get together as a community to have a great time. Last year the intramural style competition proved to be a lot of fun and a great way for everyone to get together and celebrate fitness.


The Intramural Open will have four teams. Each team will have a captain and members will be selected using a random drawing. Before the drawing, each member will be divided and placed into different groups based on ability to help ensure teams are as even as possible.


0.5 points will be awarded for every non-gym member spectator that shows up to the events on Friday night.

1 point will be awarded to every team member that completes an open workout.

1 point will be awarded to every team member that finishes Top 3 men/women RX & Top 2 men/women scaled.

points will be awarded to every team member that completes an open workout on Friday Night (4-8pm).

0.25 points will be awards to every individual’s score who completes the workout as Rx.

points are awarded to the team with the highest attendance during Friday Night’s WOD’s (4-8pm) each week (includes gym and non-gym members).

Those that can’t make Friday nights have opportunities during the day Friday to do the work out (it will be the WOD on Friday) and on Sunday 11:00-2:00 pm. Points for competition of the WOD are still awarded accordingly. Those who are up for it may do the Open WOD multiple times, highest score will be recorded.

There will be a 6th Surprise Event as an opportunity to earn more points.
Must have scores in Wodify before 8 pm on the following Monday.
You may do a workout RX one week and then a scaled workout the next or vice verse.
You must log attendance of a non-gym member and additional team attendance for Friday Night using the online form.
To guarantee a spot during Friday afternoon classes, you must sign up in advance on Wodify.

Important Dates | 6 Weeks

Be on the look out for heat sign ups in Wodify

Feb 24th        17.1 |  4pm – 8pm Event 1 WOD
March 3rd      17.2 |  4pm – 8pm Event 2 WOD
March 10th    17.3 |  4pm – 8pm Event 3 WOD
March 17th    17.4 |  4pm – 8pm Event 4 WOD
March 24th    17.5 |  4pm – 8pm Event 5 WOD
April 1st        17.6 |  Surprise Event 6 (Saturday)

Need some inspiration? Check this OUT

Jessica’s CrossFit Story

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It started out as your standard New Year’s resolution to get in shape. To be honest, I didn’t really expect it to stick, as most of those fizzle out quickly. I had tried various gym memberships and at-home videos, but to say I exercised sporadically would even be generous. I signed up for Hud’s beginner classes at the suggestion of a friend. I always thought I was in decent shape, but I quickly realized what I thought I could do was not translating into actual performance.  For instance, I thought I could surely do a few pushups, but I actually couldn’t complete a single one. For perspective, I had zero knowledge about the movements used in CrossFit. I had never even held a barbell. I signed up anyway!

Being a member at Hud has allowed me to learn different exercises that I would have never attempted on my own — cleans, deadlifts, and snatches to name a few.  The coaches are top-notch, and they place a huge emphasis on correct form to prevent injury. I love the variety in the workouts, and the fact that all the “thinking” is removed since the whole gym follows the same programming. I can just show up, work hard, and reap the benefits. Now I can actually do pushups, squat more than my bodyweight, deadlift over 200 pounds, and do pull-ups — something which I had long ago decided was unattainable.

I’m one year in now and am still stunned by the progress I have made. I feel stronger than ever and have come to consider CrossFit a part of my day (I go to classes 4-5 days per week).  I am now looking forward to setting and meeting even more goals this year. It’s just icing on the cake that Hud is full of fun, awesome, and supportive people!

Starting January 1st,

The Lotta Nutrition program will be increasing from $75 a month/3-month commitment to $89 a month/9-month commitment. 

All you have to do is tell us you want to sign up. You don’t need to start Monday!

Sign Up Here before Jan 1st and the price change! No need to start on Jan 1st, just need to sign up by then!

Why the change? Why the longer commitment? 

Over the last year, we have found that the longer the individual is on the program, not only is the client more successful but the weight they lost stays off.

We want the client to be successful and small gradual changes toward their goals means more sustainability and the weight doesn’t come back.

Check out this video of a Habit Forming Nutrition Program we offer:

9-months vs 3-months. We only want those that are committed to making changes for their health! Every individual’s body is different! It may take 2-months or 3-months to see the change people are looking for. The body transformations that people are looking for TAKES TIME. If someone finds themselves 20 pounds overweight, when did those 20 pounds get there? In 2 months? In 3 months? No, more likely it was gained over the course of a year. It works the other way too. It may take a year to get rid of it and keep it off. Sure, some people can lose weight 10 to 15 pounds in a month, but the body is complex and resists that quick change because it isn’t a normal process for the body.

Why the price increase?

We are excited to be offering a 52-week habit forming based nutrition program powered by ProCoach software that allows us, the coaches, to provide a proven curriculum to you, the clients, that won’t just TELL you what to do when it comes to nutrition but actually SHOW you and allow you to PUT IT INTO PRACTICE. 

If you are interested and want to learn more email

Sign Up Here

Winter is coming. Ok, actually, it’s already here.

I need some advice. I’m on my way over to my Aunt Susie’s for the holiday family dinner AND they all think I’m a hardcore dieter. What do I do?

Based on my last post, “Why ‘cheat’ meals don’t exist” which you can find here, you can probably guess what my survival guide is going to consist of. That’s right, I’m going to give you some solid advice. Enjoy the holidays. That’s what they are FOR!

Here is Your Winter Survival Guide

Spend time with your friends and/or family. This is the time to do it.

I am a Nutrition Coach and I’m telling you, I will be enjoying Christmas desserts and definitely some cocktails this season.

Here’s why.

Even though you may have fitness/nutrition goals, food can have a lot more meaning than being just, “fuel” for your workouts or daily activities. Our partners at PN describe how some people carry their own ideas about what food means for them. It could be:

  • fuel
  • reward
  • punishment
  • escape
  • shame
  • freedom

For us at Lotta Nutrition & our partners, PN, food is information.

“Food is a story that shapes your daily life, your health, and your function.”

This presents the idea that you have a choice. Choices are decisions made by you. Those decisions help express what’s important for you, show the pros and cons of each choice, and even have consequences.

So, with the Holidays being here, what is it that’s important to you this weekend?

Could it be…

  • making memories with family and friends?
  • relieving stress from normal day-to-day grind?
  • meeting a significant other’s parents for the first time?
  • feeling good about yourself?
  • seeing old friends and relatives?

These can be seen as taking priority over our nutrition goals for the moment. The goal here is to not feel anxious, stressed, guilty or feel like you are cheating here.

Here are some tips for anyone that doesn’t want to completely steer clear of their nutrition goals…

  • Go in with a positive attitude. 
  • Don’t arrive completely starved
  • Work on some non-confrontational comebacks to anyone that may put you down for being health conscious.
  • Go in with a plan.

Here is a taste of some perks you get on the Lotta Nutrition Program

We are offering you a Holiday Baking recipes guide packed with 10 awesome classic desserts with 10 awesome alternative desserts. Download for free here!

Check out this video of a Habit Forming Nutrition Program we offer: