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Frustrated with the scale not moving???!!! This is exactly how Kristen felt after 4 months on our nutrition program.┬áThe scale doesn’t always tell the whole story. Literally┬áZERO change on the scale in 4 months.

Here are 7 other progress indicators that we track at Lotta Nutrition other than weight loss.

These should be your main focus:

  • You feel content after meals

  • You have more energy

  • You’re sleeping better

  • Your clothes fit better

  • You’re in a better mood

  • You’re stronger and have more endurance

  • It feels more like a lifestyle than a “diet”



100% Community

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Pushing your limits

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Elevate yourself

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Giving up Starbucks and 5 weeks is all it took to get things rolling for Rachel. Can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings!

If you’re consistent, things can happen very quickly. Change is 90% mental. Maria showed up for 6 weeks (18 total classes) and gave 100% effort and it shows.

Neck: 13.25″
Waist: 35″
Hips: 40.5″
Upper arm: 11.5″
Thigh: 22″
Calf: 14.25″

6 Weeks Later
Neck: 12.75″
Waist: 33.75″
Hips: 38″
Upper arm: 11.5″
Thigh: 22.5″
Calf: 13.75″